MIADERM Cancer Radiation Treatment Therapy

Miaderm Radiation Relief
Prevention of Radiation Dermatitis & Advanced Healing For Skin Damage Resulting From Radiation Therapy

MIADERM Cancer Radiation Treatment Therapy
MIADERM Cancer Radiation Treatment Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I use Miaderm?
A: To get the maximum benefit of Miaderm, start at the initiation of radiation therapy and continue using three times daily until two weeks after radiation treatments have completed. Generally a 4oz. tube of Miaderm Radiation Relief lotion will last approximate 2 to 3 weeks with regular usage. We recommend 3 tubes for a course of 6 to 7 weeks of treatment.

Q: Will Miaderm interfere with the efficacy of radiation?
A: No. Miaderm Radiation Relief is completely safe to use during radiation treatment and clinically shown to help promote normal skin recovery.

Q: Can Miaderm be used on all types of skin?
A: Yes. Miaderm Radiation Relief can be used on all skin types anywhere on the skin surface where the skin is being treated with radiation.

Q: What is the Miaderm Guarantee?
A: Miaderm is unconditionally guaranteed. No questions asked.

Q: How much does Miaderm cost?
A: A 4 oz. tube is $32.80

Q: Where can I buy Miaderm?
A: You can call the toll free number 877-642-7727 or click here to place your secure order through this web site.

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