MIADERM Cancer Radiation Treatment Therapy

Miaderm Radiation Relief
Prevention of Radiation Dermatitis & Advanced Healing For Skin Damage Resulting From Radiation Therapy

MIADERM Cancer Radiation Treatment Therapy
MIADERM Cancer Radiation Treatment Therapy
Help Your Patients Avoid Radiation Dermatitis
And Breaks In Treatment!

Radiation Dermatitis Is Common & Uncomfortable, & Can Interrupt Treatment.

As every radiation oncologist knows, the effects of radiation therapy on a patient's skin - redness, soreness, itching, burning, peeling, etc., - are unpleasant and uncomfortable. They're also the most common side effects of radiation treatment, with up to 95% of patients experiencing some skin reaction. But the most significant problem associated with radiation dermatitis is that it can increase risk of local recurrences.

One Focus, One Purpose, One Product.
Miaderm was created exclusively for use by radiotherapy patients. Miaderm has no other products, objectives or priorities other than to lessen the effects on patients skin, prevent interruptions in their radiation treatment and ensure their safety. Our reasons for creating Miaderm are born of our compassion for - and dedication to - patients. This is also why we keep or margins low, helping make Miaderm affordable for patients whose many hardships often include financial troubles.

Take The Miaderm Test!
We encourage you to put Miaderm to the test. We want you to see for yourself the benefits that have earned the trust of thousands of patients and hundreds of radiation oncology professionals and treatment centers. Call us today at (877) 642-7727 for a sample kit or to order a supply of Miaderm.


Trusted By Radiation Oncologists, Radiation Nurses & Their Patients.

In use in hundreds of radiation treatment centers since 2006, Miaderm has helped thousands of patients reduce skin-related side effects and stay on their treatment schedule. Today, it can be found in hundreds of treatment facilities around the United States and is the trusted choice of radiation oncologists and nurses for the protection and soothing of patient's skin.

Miaderm Was Designed By Radiation Specialists To Maximize Treatment.
Miaderm was developed by radiation oncologists specifically to minimize patients' skin-related side effects and ensure the effectiveness of their treatment. As radiation specialists, we embrace these - along with patient safety - as our top priorities, and we felt that more could be done. So we followed the evidence and created a skincare lotion specifically designed to help:

  • Reduce radiation's effects on the skin.
  • Soothe and restore radiation-damaged skin.
  • Reduce or eliminate breaks in treatment.

Formulated Using Ingredients That Are Supported By Science.
Treatment for cancer, and radiation therapy specifically, is more effective today than ever, and the reason is science. Physicians - and patients depend on methods that are known to be effective. We followed the same logic when developing Miaderm, selecting ingredients that peer-reviewed research (Phase III randomized trials) has shown are effective at reducing the occurrences and severity of radiation dermatitis, delaying its onset and minimizing treatment breaks.

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