Help your customers and your business by carrying Miaderm Radiation Relief.


At Aiden Industries, we created Miaderm for one reason: to do what’s best and most effective for people undergoing radiation therapy. This is why our formula for protecting and soothing irradiated skin is evidence-based. We are on a mission to relieve discomfort, minimize skin breakdown, and keep patients in treatment by avoiding interruptions that can lead to cancer recurrence.

Partnering with pharmacies is essential to helping improve patient outcomes.

Our commitment to customers is also the reason we prioritize our relationship with community pharmacies like yours. We know that you share this commitment to your customers, to their outcomes, and to giving them a great customer experience that helps you stay competitive against large chain pharmacies and declining reimbursements.

As the leading name in radiation relief and protection of the skin, Miaderm allows you to help people with a top-quality product that has been earning both physician and patient satisfaction since 2007.

As a family-owned and operated business created by radiation oncologists, our motives are improving patient outcomes and providing outstanding, truly personal service. And we know our ability to achieve our goal of helping all radiation therapy patients depends on our partnership with dedicated, customers-focused pharmacies like yours.

We look forward to helping you best serve your patients.

For wholesale pricing and orders, or to learn more about how we can help you do what’s best for patients, contact us today by calling 1-877-642-7727, ext. 103. You can also reach us via our convenient online form.