Miaderm Radiation Relief uses ingredients that are supported by the science.

In medicine, science is at the heart of everything. Physicians are careful to ensure that they know what works, how well it works and for whom it will or won’t work best. And this is every bit as true of radiation oncologists and for the treatment of cancer using radiation therapy. It’s important to use methods that have been proven to be effective.

We followed this same approach when developing Miaderm. We selected ingredients that have been demonstrated by scientific research to reduce the occurrence and severity of radiation dermatitis, delay its onset and minimize interruptions in your treatment.

calendula flower

Calendula (>10% )

In a study of radiation therapy patients, application of calendula ointment resulted in far fewer occurrences of dermatitis than in the group using a traditional substance. Calendula users also experienced less radiation-induced pain and fewer breaks in treatment.

(Pommier P, et al. J Clinical Oncol.2004; 22:1447-1453)

Hyaluronate (>1%)

In another study of radiation therapy patients, hyaluronate cream significantly reduced the incidence of high-grade skin reactions, delayed their onset and reduced their severity. The study also noted hyaluronate’s association with faster recovery from skin symptoms.

(Ligouri V, et al. Radioth Oncol. 1997;2:155-161)

Aqueous Cream

In a third study, patients who applied a topical aqueous cream throughout the duration of their radiation treatment and for two weeks afterward experienced much less dry desquamation (shedding of the outer layer of skin) than those who used aloe vera alone.

(Heggie S, et al. Cancer Nurse. 2002; 25(6):442-51)

Aloe Vera (>10%)

In a fourth study, patients who applied aloe vera after applying a mild soap solution experienced initial skin irritation two weeks later than those who used the soap but not the aloe. The study noted that this suggests aloe vera may have a protective effect.

(Olsen DL, et al. Oncol Nurs Forum. 2001; 28:543-247)

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