Understanding radiation dermatitis.

For individuals receiving radiation treatment, side effects affecting the skin are normal and expected. But they’re unwanted and can interrupt treatment. So, it’s important to understand radiation dermatitis and why it occurs. You also need to know that, with Miaderm Radiation Relief, you can protect your skin and prevent skin damage while soothing its effects and keeping your treatment on schedule.

What is dermatitis?

Dermatitis is inflammation of the skin resulting from direct irritation by an external agent or an allergic reaction to it. In fact, derma means “skin” and itis means “inflammation.”

What are the symptoms of dermatitis?

There are several types of dermatitis, and symptoms vary between the different types. However, there are certain signs that are common among the various forms of dermatitis, including:

  • Redness of the skin
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Skin lesions

What is radiation dermatitis?

Radiation dermatitis is skin inflammation resulting from external beam radiation, a common treatment for different types of cancer, particularly breast cancer. Radiation dermatitis generally occurs on the area of skin through which radiation is used to treat cancer cells inside the body.

What are the symptoms of radiation dermatitis?

Radiation dermatitis may appear as red, itchy or peeling skin. In mild cases, it can be similar to a light sunburn. But in extreme cases, the skin may be blistered and oozing. Symptoms may not arise until the third week of treatment.

Why does radiation treatment cause skin damage?

The object of radiation treatment is to harm cancer cells using a beam of ionized radiation. Because of their faulty DNA, cancer cells are unable to recover from repeated exposure, and they are eventually destroyed. While normal cells are much better able to recover, they still sustain damage from the radiation treatments.

Why is radiation dermatitis bad?

Of course, dry, red, itchy, swollen or downright painful and blistering skin is unpleasant. But this isn’t the only reason it’s important to minimize the effects of radiation on the skin. Another key reason is that, like exposure to the sun’s radiation, exposure to radiation treatment causes damage. But there is another reason: Breaks in treatment.

Stay on your treatment schedule!

People with radiation dermatitis have something in common besides inflamed, irritated skin: They are all in radiation treatment. A really important symptom of radiation dermatitis is interruption of that treatment, which can increase the chance of local recurrence of cancer (or other disease process).

What can be done to prevent, sooth or minimize radiation dermatitis?

Radiation treatment has been around for more than a century, which means medical science has had a long time to study radiation dermatitis… and the substances that help minimize it and provide relief. Studies show that ingredients like calendula, hyaluronate, aloe vera and aqueous cream can variously help avoid or reduce symptoms, delay the onset of symptoms and soothe and relieve the skin. These are the ingredients we used to formulate the Miaderm Radiation Relief family of products.

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