Read what people say about Miaderm Radiation Relief.

Miaderm Radiation Relief exists to prevent or delay radiation dermatitis and soothe irradiated skin so people undergoing radiation treatment—mostly cancer patients—can stick to their treatment regimen. See what people have to say about our products:

“The Miaderm cream is absolutely excellent! I’m so glad the radiation nurse and radiation oncologist recommended it to me.”

– Miriam, patient

“My husband’s radiation doctor recommended this lotion. It’s amazing! Best way to describe this is magic. Gives him so much relief!”

– Jammie, wife of patient

“I found this cream on the Sloane-Kettering site and asked my radiation team if I could use it instead of the greasy Aquaphor, which had to be washed off 4 hours before a treatment. They checked ingredients and approved it. It worked great. Under my arm and under my breast never blistered. Under my collarbone only blistered after my 26th treatment, and that healed after 7 days. Never had any more blisters in any of the other areas. Still using Miaderm cream and their Miaderm soap, too. I am proof that it works!”

– Dorothy, patient

“I used it for 28 treatments last year. Did very well.”

– Mary, patient

“Good stuff! I had a break in my skin from radiation for breast cancer and used Miaderm to help heal it.”

– Adele, patient

“I burnt so bad they had to give me almost a week off. Then I found this cream. Helped tremendously.”

– Darlene, patient

“Works wonders!”

– Connie, patient

“Good stuff!”

– Catherine, patient

“Worked great for me!”

– Carol, patient

“I used this about a week before radiation started and throughout 33 treatments. Have finished, but doctor said to continue to use for a month. I did not burn at all. My doctor has also had me use a steroid cream.”

– Debbie, patient

 “Great stuff! I recommended it all the time.”

– Barb and Greg, patients

“Excellent product that worked just like they advertise. I had radiation twice, right breast 2006, left 2012. Used Aquaphor with okay results in 2006. Used Miaderm in 2012 with superior results. Highly recommend this for prevention and treatment of radiation burns.”

– Catherine, patient

 “I loved its work. Help me a lot at my radiation treatment.”

– Helena, patient

“It helps tremendously. Even sunburn.”

– Marchia, patient

“Very helpful for me when I had radiation for breast cancer!”

– Corinne, patient

“It is great. I used it and never had one burn from radiation.”

– Ruth, patient

“My husband went through radiation therapy for the second time this last summer. Since his first round several years ago, he struggled with patches of tight, leathery skin from the radiation burns. The first time we used just aloe vera gel. This time around, I did research ahead of time, and he used and is still using Miaderm Radiation Relief. Huge difference. His skin is much more pliable post-radiation this time, and the itchiness is much less. He continues to use it now, 6 months later, whenever his side gets itchy or tight. I can’t recommend it enough. Great product!”

– Jerritt, wife of patient

“Thank you! I completed radiation in March and saw my surgeon for a follow-up last week. He asked if I’d had radiation and I assured him that I had. He seemed surprised because my skin was not discolored at all. I credit it to Miaderm. I used it generously throughout my treatment and in the weeks after, when my skin was as red as a lobster, and even after it faded to a “tan.” I have very fair skin and was concerned that I would have trouble with the radiation, but thanks to your product, it was undetectable by an expert within 7 weeks of radiation treatment. I will recommend Miaderm to anyone I know who has to go through this.”

– Alexis, patient

“¡Excelente producto!”

– Mayra, patient

“It is amazing and works fast.”

– Mary, patient

“I used Miaderm during my first breast cancer battle. I am coming up on a second occurrence and will use it again. It kept my skin in great condition. Love it!”

– Jennifer, patient

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