Help your patients avoid radiation dermatitis and breaks in treatment.

For radiation therapy providers

Since 2007, Miaderm Radiation Relief Lotion has helped thousands of patients reduce skin-related side effects and stay on their radiation treatment schedule.

Formulated using evidence-based ingredients, Miaderm products can be found in use in hundreds of treatment facilities around the United States and are providers’ trusted choice for the protection and soothing of patients’ skin.

Give Miaderm a try. Order free samples today.

To order samples of Miaderm Radiation Relief lotions to test and demonstrate their benefits for patients, call 1-877-642-7727, ext. 103. Please bear in mind, however, that samples are not intended for ongoing clinical use. Patients who try to make samples last through treatment will end up getting insufficient protection and relief. Patients and providers can purchase Miaderm in the clinically appropriate size through our online store, at any of hundreds of pharmacies throughout North America, or from a variety of major online retailers.

How patients can get the best possible benefit from Miaderm.

Miaderm products will provide optimal benefit to patients when they use it correctly. Patients should:

  • Begin using Miaderm 1 week prior to the start of treatment.
  • Apply Miaderm three to four times daily to areas of skin within the treatment field.
  • Not use within 1 hour prior to radiation treatment.
  • Continue use for 2 weeks (or more) after treatment to minimize delayed side effects.
  • Discontinue using Miaderm if skin ulceration develops.

Is your patient using Miaderm appropriately?

When applied as directed, one 4-oz. tube of Miaderm should last approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Tubes used more quickly may indicate patient overuse, which reduces the value a patient will get from that tube. Conversely, if a patient is using a tube more slowly, radiation effects and treatment breaks may be more likely. If a patient is trying to make samples last through treatment, protection will be inadequate.

Miaderm has other uses and benefits.

Water-based, nonsteroidal and nonirritating, Miaderm is safe and effective anywhere on the body and for all skin types. Its ingredients—including hyaluronic acid and marine collagen, found in many high-end skin care products—make it an excellent daily moisturizer and useful for the relief of burns, sunburn and itchiness.

For more information regarding Miaderm products, to order samples, or for wholesale pricing or orders, call 1-877-642-7727, ext. 103. You can also reach us via our convenient online form.

Patients can purchase Miaderm through our online store, at any of hundreds of pharmacies throughout North America, or from a variety of major online retailers.