Miaderm-L w/4% Lidocaine


Miaderm-L with 4% lidocaine provides enhanced relief and soothing for red, itchy, painful irradiated skin—without requiring additional applications.

For equivalent relief while Miaderm-L is temporarily out of stock, use either Miaderm Radiation Relief Lotion or Miaderm Fragrance-Free with prescription-strength 5% lidocaine prescribed by your radiation oncologist.

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Enhanced relief of painful irradiated skin, with fewer applications.

Miaderm-L with 4% lidocaine is specifically formulated for radiation patients whose skin breakdown is sufficient to cause severe discomfort that requires additional relief. Even if continued treatment is medically acceptable and indicated, discomfort can cause patients to decide to stop treatment.

Offering added relief, Miaderm-L provides additional help in preventing treatment breaks and keeping you or your loved in treatment. Miaderm-L is ideal for radiation patients who may have started their treatments before beginning to apply Miaderm Radiation Relief lotion.


  • Miaderm’s scientific formula with the fast-acting relief of 4% lidocaine HCI
  • Recommended for patients with uncomfortable skin breakdown
  • Recommended for patients who did not use Miaderm at the beginning of treatment
  • Designed to eliminate multiple topical applications

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