One of the most uncomfortable side effects of radiation therapy is the skin reaction in the area being treated. Similar to a sunburn the skin may react with a mild to moderate pink color, or redness accompanied by itching, burning, soreness, and peeling. The effects of radiation on the skin are the most common side effects of radiation treatment, with up to 95% of patients experiencing an adverse skin reaction. One of the most significant problems associated with radiation dermatitis (burns) is that it can force interruptions in treatment, which have been proven to increase the risk of the cancer recurring.

Miaderm Radiation Relief lotion is a water-based lotion formulated with ingredients that are supported by scientific studies. The key ingredients of calendula, hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), and aloe vera have been clinically proven to be effective in phase III prospective randomized trials published in peer reviewed scientific journals. The sole purpose of Miaderm is to help decrease the skin effects through preventativecare.

Miaderm® Evidence based formulas providing
preventative care. Recommended for use one week prior to the start of treatment 3 x daily during treatment and for two weeks post treatment.
• Water-based (proven more effective than petroleum based
• Non-steroidal and non-irritating.
• Alcohol and nut oil-free.
• Contains marine collagen.
• Useful beyond treatment as a moisturizer and for the relief of burns, sunburn and itchiness.
• Safe and effective anywhere on the body and for all
skin types.
• Made in the U.S.A. FDA-approved.
• 100% Unconditional satisfaction guarantee
 If for any reason you discontinue use, return the tube(s) for a full refund.

Developed for the pain associated with radiation.

Aiden Industries, maker of Miaderm radiation relief lotion, is pleased to announce its new Miaderm formulation "Miaderm-L with 4% Lidocaine contains the active ingredients of our original formulation plus Lidocaine" designed for enhanced relief for the skin. Containing the local anesthetic lidocaine, the new Miaderm-L augments Miaderm's soothing effects for the redness, itching, burning, discomfort and pain associated with radiation treatment for cancer.

Miaderm and Miaderm-L are both topical lotions designed specifically for radiation patients, whose treatment is known to cause skin breakdown. Using ingredients that research has shown are effective at slowing and helping with radiation dermatitis, both Miaderm formulas are designed to ease patients’ discomfort and prevent interruptions in treatment. Skin breakdown and radiation dermatitis are the most common cause of treatment interruptions, which can increase the risk of cancer recurrences.

Miaderm-L with 4% Lidocaine HCI is ideal for radiation patients who may have started their treatments before beginning to apply Miaderm radiation relief lotion. Primarily, Miaderm-L is designed for those patients whose skin breakdown is sufficient to cause discomfort requiring relief. Additionally Miaderm-L can be used on moist desquamation; if it is in small patches, though should not be used on confluent moist desquamation  Even in instances where continued treatment is acceptable and indicated, discomfort can cause patients to interrupt their own treatment.

Offering additional relief, Miaderm-L provides additional help in the prevention of treatment breaks. Our company manufactures only Miaderm and Miaderm-L and is solely focused on improving the quality and efficacy of radiation therapy by soothing and protecting the skin.

Also used for patients seeking relief from the shingles virus.

Miaderm-L with 4% Lidocaine HCI 4 fluid oz.

Miaderm Radiation Relief Lotion 4 fluid oz.

For the prevention & relief of Radiation Dermatitis

Miaderm® comes with a guarantee and is the trusted choice of medical professionals. In use in thousands of radiation treatment centers since 2006. 

Made in the USA & FDA approved.